Do you have a health-minded minimalist in your life?  Is that person possibly you?  

2020 has been a year like no other.  Job losses, closed businesses, more time with those closest to us.  Certainly many challenges, but possibly some growth too.

The holidays will certainly be different and I’m pretty disappointed when I think about things we  will miss out on this year.  But I also think it’s a great time to bring in more conscious practices when it comes to gift giving and receiving.

This year my focus is to show my love to others and participate in the joy of giving, while supporting those most in need.  Two things on the top of that list are the planet and small business.  


By now, most people have heard of Marie Kondo.  Maybe you read the book, which I loved.  Maybe you watched her Netflix series, which I couldn’t watch because my own clutter is enough for me to handle! She’s not exactly a minimalist, but reading her book put me on the path to minimalism.  She gave me the idea that any objects in my life have affects on my psyche and that it is valuable to clear out clutter.  I also love that she gives this simple tool for differentiating between objects to keep and objects to let go: the question “Does it bring me joy?”

Minimalism doesn’t mean getting rid of all your stuff.  It just means being conscious about the stuff you keep and the stuff you bring into your home and your life. I usually love gifting experiences instead of objects, but this year I can’t send my parents to a great restaurant or take my friends to a concert. So I got creative and turned my focus to virtual experiences.

So here it is.  My list of curated thoughtful gift ideas. Great for giving and receiving!


For those who want a little grit with their yoga

I’ve been trying to get my guy into yoga for over a decade. I took him to beginner vinyasa classes, kundalini classes, festivals, you name it.  He didn’t really find his own personal connection until last year when he came home and told me about how he had discovered yoga and was going to use it to heal his back.  I really wanted to see what this was all about and how he had come to this realization when my efforts had failed.
 He had discovered a yoga program developed by one of his favorite 90s wrestlers, Diamond Dallas, called DDP Yoga.  He sent me videos about how an injured vet had healed his severely injured back using the program. There were many stories about people of all ages and backgrounds reclaiming their health and vitality through the program.

As a yoga teacher, I was a little skeptical but also curious. Here is this rough, tough wrestler with a yoga program.  It seemed a little unexpected.  So I tried it with him one day.  I was really impressed!  DDP Yoga incorporates many philosophical aspects of traditional yoga with a well-developed physical practice. Diamond Dallas really makes his program accessible to all levels.  You can build a practice from lying in bed all the way to highly advanced. He has a great app that makes completing the workouts simple and fun. I have gifted memberships to several guys in my life and they have all loved it!

For those who want an emotional release with an amazing workout

So I wrote this article basically for myself.  Of all of the things I’d like to receive or give.  This is one I’d like (Honey, are you listening?) I’ve always been drawn to yoga because it provides so many mental, emotional and spiritual benefits on top of the physical health benefits.  So of course,  I was over the moon a few years ago when I discovered a physical practice called The Class. The Class is a mix of yoga, cardio, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  Students experience an expansive, heart- and mind-clearing release that builds a strong, resilient body. 


The Class is popular with celebrities with a studio in New York City and classes taught in LA, Miami, Toronto, and the Hamptons.  This year they also established their digital studio so students can take live and on-demand classes from anywhere.  For the yoga lover who loves a good workout served with emotional release and catharsis, I suggest a monthly subscription.


For those who want some guidance and support to improve their health

Come January, I think we will still be setting the same resolutions and intentions to improve our health.  Many may want to boost energy, lose weight, or try to heal chronic conditions and get off medications. Research shows the use of HWCs (Health and Wellness Coaches) has resulted in improved management of chronic disease for many patients. These days health and wellness coaches are offering targeted online courses as well as virtual one-on-one and small group sessions. What better gift for the person who is serious about making lasting changes?  

Raluca Schachter is a Clinical Nutritionist and natural health practitioner.  She uses clinical lab tests combined with virtual consultations to design a personalized Metabolic Typing nutrition plan and guide clients of all ages in making long-lasting positive shifts. She helps clients address a wide range of chronic conditions by healing digestive issues, boosting energy, and building immunity. 

Bela Desai Patel, the Wholistic Pharmacist, is a pharmacist turned holistic health coach who helps clients lose weight, improve cholesterol, lower blood pressure, sleep better and reduce stress.  Her medical background makes her an ideal guide for those currently taking prescription medications and for those who want to avoid taking them. She offers personalized and group programs and works with children as well as adults.

For those who want a deeper spiritual experience

Many of us are experiencing loss, grief, or fear these days.  The good news is that these experiences can actually be transformative and we can move through them and grow.  Challenges change us.  We get to decide if that change is for our own good, or if it gets us more stuck in the mud of old patterns. 

Courtney Eileen is a spiritual teacher who has experienced her own deep losses and lived to tell the tale. And her tale is one of ultimate triumph, growth and success.  She is such an inspiration and uses her unique gifts to help others listen to their own spirit and spirit guides, through energy work and personal or business coaching.  She offers online one-time sessions or comprehensive packages. This is such an amazing gift for the friend or family member experiencing the loss of a loved one, a job loss, a divorce, or who just wants some true guidance.

For the person who wants to make direct contact with the spirit realm, top spiritual advisor Monique Hemingway offers psychic readings, energetic healings, spirit channeling, and even energetic house clearing. Other than the house clearing, all sessions can be conducted online anywhere in the world.  Monique has a strong gift for seeing into the deeper realms and long list of loyal clients who call their experiences with her life changing!

For those who want a little pampering

Okay, so whether you are yourself a minimalist or are giving to one, it’s actually acceptable to gift tangible items. The key here is that they truly bring joy, and bonus points if they are consumable.  Insert luxurious self-care tools here. Tifini Hartman is an in-demand beauty and skincare expert who offers at-home DIY treatments for those who need top-notch skincare from a distance.  Not only has she curated a perfect collection of the best skincare products and developed her own skincare line, this year she’s created super-giftable luxury milk baths that include her unique formulation of all the good things for your glowing skin.  Tifini also offers virtual consultations to provide personalized recommendations.

Minimalist on a budget

And then there’s those minimalists like myself this season.  Finding themselves with a little more time and a little less cash at the moment.  We’ve got you covered with this little DIY bath soak recipe.  Oatmeal soothes, and clay detoxes the skin and helps with conditions like itchiness, eczema, sunburn and insect bites.  Epsom salt provides key minerals and melts away stresses. Scale recipe for your needs. This recipe includes affiliate links. They cost you nothing, but may earn a little donation to feed my yoga and essential oil addiction. 

For 4 12 ounce jars:



4 Cute glass jars

4 Small nut milk bags

Festive ribbon and/or tulle

1 cup (8 oz) Organic coconut milk

1 cup (8 oz) Unscented epsom salt

1 cup (8 oz) Healing green bentonite clay

1 cup (8 oz) Organic oats

Dried flowers like lavender, rose and hibiscus 

Pure therapeutic grade essential oils. I use 2 drops of each peppermint, lavender, wild orange, ylang ylang, and rosemary.



  1. If you bought whole oats (cheap!) put them in your blender or food processor and blend until you get a powder consistency.  Test a teaspoon to see if it absorbs water.  Pour the teaspoon of ground oats into a glass of water and stir. You want it to look milky and feel silky. Pour the powdered oats into a medium bowl.
  2. Pour the epsom salt into another medium bowl.  Add 2 drops of each essential oil and stir to combine.
  3. Begin to layer ingredients into the jars.  Layer 2 oz of clay at the bottom of each jar.  Add a thin layer of dried flowers. Continue to layer 2 oz salt topped with a thin layer of flowers, followed by 2 oz oatmeal topped with a thin layer of flowers, and finally add a layer of 2 oz of coconut milk to the top of each jar.  There should be some space at the top. Sprinkle some more dried flowers on top and add the lid.  Add ribbon, tulle and a few dried stems around the lid. Spread the love!


How are you sharing joy or gift giving this year?  Please share your great ideas by commenting below.