It’s been 2 weeks since I had my Crystal Reiki Healing session and I’m excited to report back that I am continuing to see and feel real shifts in the way I react to stressful situations, particularly those centering around health.  Pretty soon after my session my two year old started to come down with what I thought might be a sinus infection, but which I figured out was a cold when it hit the rest of my family.  This would normally be a very triggering event.  Is there something wrong with my kids’ immune system?  Why does my little one keep getting sick?  Does it indicate a more serious problem?  Am I being a negligent mom because I’m not doing more? My mind will continue working overtime like this.

My mind has still up to its old tricks.  But somehow I am now able to remain conscious, remind myself that these thoughts are not who I am AT MY CORE, and witness them in a more detached way.  They no longer have been holding such control over me.  And as a result, my body is not reacting as it normally does.  I don’t feel the racing heart palpitations and the dizziness.  My body is better able to remain relaxed and I have been able hold space for the thoughts.  After a few moments they pass.  Of course they come back periodically, but so far I have been able to process them quite simply and quickly.

Te most amazing part is that I feel a renewed energy and focus!  With so much less energy going into the drama of the fear, I am able to be more present with my kids and loved ones.  It felt like a miracle to be able to go Trick or Treating with my kids this week without a constant fear running in the back of my head:  Are they out too late? Is someone going to catch something again?  Are we all getting bitten by mosquitoes and basically already have West Nile Virus?  The thoughts came.  But then they went.  And I moved forward able to witness the true magic of the present moment.

Currently feeling so much gratitude for this gift.