Many, many years ago, I enjoyed my share of mushroom tea. That was long before I got a real job and had kids. And I thought it would be something left in my past. Until…

I heard about these new types of mushroom tea on the market produced by companies like Four Sigmatic and MUD/WTR. As someone who does a lot of health and wellness research (and a bit of falling down social media rabbit holes), my feeds have been flooded with ads for these products for years. And I’ve always been pretty skeptical. Like I am about most things.

The Experiment Begins

A few months ago, my favorite online health food market had an unbelievable deal on Four Sigmatic products so I thought, “What the heck,” and ordered what seemed like a lifetime supply for like 30 bucks. There was Lion’s Mane for focus, Cordyceps for endurance, a Chai with Turkey Tail for gut health. (These are all names of mushroom species by the way). I think I really resonated with this idea of different mushroom teas or formulas for different purposes. So I started drinking different ones each day, checking in to see if I could detect a boost in energy or mood.

On Day One I started with Lion’s Mane because focused thinking is something I can always use more of. The thoughts in my head can bounce quicker than a pinball in Coney Island on Labor Day. I decided this was the day I was going to get some serious work done.


I really enjoyed the ritual of making the tea. I mean it was pretty easy. Boil water. Pour water into mug. Add powdered mushroom extract. But simple as it may be, it satisfied my morning routine craving. It ticked the boxes. It integrated nicely into my morning ritual, and I took my hot cup of shroom tea with me to my meditation mat.

And as my meditation was over and my day flowed on, I noticed that I was feeling more focused, thinking just a bit more clearly. Many other factors have influenced this over my lifetime, like cutting out gluten and taking up meditation, but on that first day I really felt like the tea was enhancing it.

So on Day 2 I tried the cordyceps. I felt energized for my workout. So far so good.

The Turkey Tail Chai was the most “acquired taste”. I would say all are an acquired taste, but I drink Apple Cider vinegar and drink celery, kale and cucumber smoothies so I would consider myself an expert at acquiring tastes. It was pretty easy for me to get used to. Then I started actually really liking it. I have quite the gut health protocol in place already, with prebiotics and probiotics, enzymes, and a plant rich diet, so I can’t say I noticed a big gut health difference. But I’m sure it could have benefits I just didn’t notice. And after a month, it became my favorite flavor!


After all, I have become a mushroom devotee once again. It has become a regular part of my morning. I usually begin with a large cup of warm lemon water with cayenne, and move to the mushroom tea next. I haven’t tried the MUD/WTR yet which has more adaptogens included (namely turmeric and cacao), but also carries a heftier price tag. And it is sold as a subscription. I’ve finally run out of my lifetime supply of Four Sigmatic and started purchasing this one at regular price, which works out to be far less than a dollar a day. I recommend this sampler if you want to try out the different products they offer. I now buy the mushroom blend that contains Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, and more. I brew a cup of chai and add some almond milk and 2 of the tiny scoops of the mushroom extracts. I do notice a positive change in my energy levels, focus, and just general well-being since making Four Sigmatic a part of my regular routine. Long live the mighty mushrooms!