I’m ready to leave many things behind in 2020. I honor this year and how it has transformed me.  I have shed so much and I am ready to shut the door on 2020 and leave that all behind me, leaving a vast space and openness for all that I will call into my life in 2021.  When transitioning, it’s so helpful to ask yourself meaningful questions and pause to find the answers.  I thought I would share my process this year. So grab your journal and let’s get started!  Optional: Put on some music and turn on your diffuser. Have your favorite candle ready to close the ritual. Here are my suggestions for a full sensory release and renew:


Music is so helpful for me when processing thoughts and emotions, as well as starting my creative fire.  This year I am really feeling Ajeet, so I reached into her vast collection of music and mantras for my New Year’s ritual.  You can find the playlist on Spotify and below within each section.


While journaling, I support myself by diffusing essential oils.  There is growing research that essential oils support the body and mind quickly by accessing so many systems, including the nervous system, through our olfactory nerve. For New Year’s Journaling, I chose to diffuse a blend of White Sage and Siberian Fir (for energy clearing), Frankincense (to open up my intuition), and Tangerine (to bring in joy and good energy).


So let’s get to that beautiful, fresh, clean page and get started! Below I share the questions I asked myself this New Year’s Eve along with my own responses. December 31, 2020…

Cue Song #1 Breathe by Ajeet

I chose this song because the first time I heard it, I was sitting in a small community church in Laguna Beach and Ajeet and her band were playing live, introducing songs from the album she had just released.  The whole experience changed my life, but when she sang this particular song I so deeply wished that my daughter was there in the moment with me to listen.  It was all the words I wanted to say to her.  All of the words of wisdom and kindness and courage I wanted to infuse in her.  

During a recent Road to Welvil podcast interview with Alana Weinberg, she shared a visualization she uses when she is seeking guidance.  She visualizes her higher self as a tall regal figure, wearing a crown of wisdom and divinity.  She visualizes herself as a girl holding the hand of this divine higher self, as the figure guides her.  This visualization really resonated with me and I realized that this song represents this divine inner wisdom, this higher self, for me. It was perfect to guide me as I began to reflect with compassion on 2020.

Reflect and Honor

I start by honoring who I was in 2020.  I hold my 2020 self with compassion and acknowledge how hard I worked this year.

Reflect and Honor Questions

  1. How was I brave or strong? (You can substitute or add any other traits you want to recognize in yourself)
  2. How was I kind?
  3. What were my achievements?
  4. What did I gain?
  5. What do I bring into 2021?
  6. What do I leave behind?
  7. Whom do I honor?

Your Turn

Sit with your pencil and journal and ask yourself each question.  Pause after each question. Try to sit with the question and allow your soul to answer.  Your mind will want to answer first.  Honor this thoughtful answer, but allow space for your soul to speak as well.  See if you can allow your soul to answer each question. Jot down your answers.  


My Answers

Of course, answer these questions from your own heart.  I always gain insight from getting a peek into the processes of others, so I thought I’d share my answers with you. 


How was I brave or strong this year?

I survived this year!  I transitioned quickly and fearlessly to do my job at home, while becoming a middle school teacher and a preschool teacher to my own children.  I found balance and new ways to show up as a mother, partner, daughter, advocate and friend.


How was I kind this year?

I gave of myself in new ways this year.  I donated time, money, and energy in many places and it felt so good! I held my tongue when it felt unkind to speak.  I spoke up for those in need. I used my words and actions to encourage when I could.  I practiced patience with myself and others.

Cue Song #2 Ra Ma Da Sa Healing by Ajeet

I’ve already talked about my undying love for Ajeet.  This song is so calming and it really helped me tune into the gratitude energy that helped me to reflect on the year.


What were my achievements?

I started a website and a podcast (also file under brave!) and I LOVE IT! It fills my soul and I am committed to learning and growing with it. It feels like the birth of a baby.  Like becoming a first-time parent.  Of course I don’t have all the answers or knowledge right now, but I will learn and nurture this new being every day with all I have.

I spent a lot of quality time with my children and close loved ones, forming trusting and loving relationships.  And I made a lot of homemade goodies.

What did I gain?

I gained presence.  With a great big slow down I lost so many places to be and so many plans, and as a result I gained so many quiet moments.  Moments to share with myself, with nature, with books, with my children and other loved ones.  

I gained renewed friendships.  I took the time to pick up the phone and call people like I used to. I gained meaningful conversations.  Conversations that would have just been texts in 2019.

I gained perspective.  Things that had so much meaning to me, stopped resonating and eventually fell to the wayside.  Space was created for new passions.  I learned so much about myself and the world this year and I gained the confidence to stand up for my beliefs.  These new perspectives have shaped my visions for 2021.

Cue Song #3 Akaal by Ajeet

Of course your process may take more time than mine,  or it might go quicker.  This song is all about honoring those who came before and holding undying love. Akaal means timeless or immortal and it is chanted in the Sikh tradition after someone dies.  To me it symbolizes love that survives transition and the love that I will carry from this year into the next.

What do I bring into 2021?

I bring these lessons and visions.  I bring this new perspective, desire, and motivation to be a force in rebuilding 2021 stronger, kinder, and more sustainable.  I will help create systems that bring hope, equity, and new ways of thinking. My inner voice has grown stronger.  I bring a new ability to listen to the voice and follow it.  I bring a newly born trust in God and myself.

What do I leave behind?

I leave behind fear.  I choose to see situations clearly, discern the outcomes I desire for myself and for the world, and take focused action toward these outcomes, knowing God and the Universe is my co-creator.

I leave behind toxic relationships with myself and others.  With beliefs and things that no longer serve me.  I set healthy boundaries and honor my highest self.

Whom do I honor?

I honor those people and relationships I’ve lost in 2020.  Although they are no longer here in the physical realm, I continue to hold them in my heart into 2021.  My grandma continues to inspire strength and resilience.  My dear friend Julio continues to inspire joy in everything, and kindness everywhere.

Envision Ahead

I love the word envision.  It’s this great blend of looking ahead, imagining, planning, and creating.  


Cue Song #4 Full Moon Meditation by Ajeet

By now we have moved our subconscious into a spiritual flow and taken a deep dive into ourselves.  Now we shift to look ahead and compliment our manifestations with powerful mantra.  This song includes the mantra Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad, which is a very powerful mantra for manifesting.  It clears obstacles and transforms energy.  It’s super powerful, so avoid negative intentions during and after reciting it and hold it sacred.


Envision Questions: 

I intentionally left out the word want from any of these questions because my interpretation of the word want implies a lack.  I believe we all have what we need within us supplied by the divine, so I prefer to avoid the idea of want.

  1. How will I feel in 2021?
  2. What will I be in 2021?
  3. What will I create in 2021?
  4. How will I create in 2021?
  5. How will I support myself?

My Answers

How will I feel in 2021?

Free, joyful, playful, thankful, safe. Kind, magical, aligned, peaceful, strong, powerful, abundant

What will I be in 2021?

I will be a loving mother, daughter, and friend.  I will be a fulfilled partner, successful entrepreneur, authentic guide, curious student, effective communicator and creative artist. I will be a divine force for good.

What will I create in 2021? 

I will create a strong website and a successful podcast that will build a vibrant wellness community. I will create powerful relationships and movements to bring peace and healing.

How will I create in 2021?

I will create in alignment with divine energy and God’s will.  I will move with the flow of life, using the morning meditation or prayer, “Today may I be guided with joy and focus, passion and compassion, in the direction of your will.”

How will I support myself?

Start with clear intention.  Break up my goal into manageable chunks.  Make a plan.  Be specific about what I will do when.  For example, blog every Monday.  Record a new podcast every Friday.  Launch my email campaign by January 2 and complete it by January 23.  Schedule my days and stick to the schedule.  Schedule in time to be a teacher, parent, and entrepreneur. Commit to the plan but also be flexible and open to changes. Promise to trust myself and show myself compassion always.  Ask for, accept, and receive support from others. Honor my boundaries.

Cue Song #5 Dance of Ganesha by Ajeet

Dancing Ganesha symbolizes overcoming obstacles and success.  Ganesha is the patron of arts and sciences and is called upon at the beginning of rites.  Call this energy into your life as you seal this sacred New Year’s practice.


Closing the Ritual

Close by lighting your favorite candle.  Or any candle you have around.  As this small but powerful fire burns up all of the old energy and things we release from 2020, it fuels our intentions and drives us into 2021 with divine energy and promise.