We can’t thank you enough for signing up to be a Wellness Professional in our global wellness village!  You are the backbone of Welvil, where we are all about lifting each other up.  We want you to get the most out of the site, so we created 12 steps for success.

Step 1


Step 2

From the Wellness Professionals page, select “WELLNESS PROFESSIONAL LOG IN”.

Step 3

Use the username and password you created when you signed up to log in.  If you lose your password, there is a reset link below.

Step 4

Start on your Vendor Dashboard.  Click on the link that appears below DASHBOARD or on the VIEW MY PROFILE tab to see your profile as visitors see it.  Hint: You know you are logged in whenever your name appears in the top right corner.

Step 5

Click on the REVIEWS tab to see any reviews visitors have left for you.  These are screened for appropriateness by Welvil and they appear on your profile once approved.

Step 6

Click the EDIT MY PROFILE tab to add, remove or change any information.  Hint: Make sure you have an avatar image uploaded.  Visitors see this on the search and browse pages.

Step 7

When editing your profile, you can add or change any links, photos, or videos.  So for example, if you create your YouTube channel after you create your Welvil profile, you can then go back and add it in to your Welvil profile.  Hint: When you add new videos to your YouTube channel, come back to edit your profile and add them here. Updated videos will hook visitors attention and you can add as many videos as you’d like.  Just click the plus sign!

Step 8

Upload a blog post!  Come back and upload more posts regularly! Blog posts encourage visitors to visit the site and everyone benefits!  There are really no rules to submitting a blog post other than it’s appropriate (kind and respectful of course!) and health related.  It can be about mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual health.   It can be short or long.  Adding an image or images is a plus!  It can be an original post or one that has already appeared on your own site.  It must be completely authored by you and directly cite any sources.

Step 9

Type or paste your post. We will review it and post it ASAP.  We may add additional images or do minor edits if needed.

Step 10

Check out your profile. You look amazing!! 😉

Step 11

Navigate the site from your profile. Click HOME then select AUTHOR DASHBOARD to return to the Dashboard.  Click HOME then LOG OUT to log out.  You can even upload blog posts from your profile!  All blogs you upload will appear on your profile for visitors to see, you STAR!

Step 12

Come back to Welvil often to read  and write blog posts, check out new wellness professionals. upload new videos and more!  Hint: The site might not log you out automatically.  It might look like this when you visit Welvil.com.  If you see your name in the top right corner, that means you are still logged in.  Great! Click HOME and select AUTHOR DASHBOARD to get the party started.  Or click WELVIL FOR EVERYONE to check out other Wellness Professionals.